My Arrival

I arrived in the UK on Friday the 13th of January and spent the weekend in London with a good friend. I took the train to Birmingham on Sunday afternoon, and was met at the station by a previous recipient of the IMAC exchange award, Katy Wade. Katy showed me around Birmingham and took me to my accomodation. It was so fantastic to make a new friend on my first night in a new city!

I began my placement at the Research and Cultural Collections Department on Monday the 16th of January. My first day was very busy, and I got to see a lot of the campus and other collections. In the morning I assisted Clare Marlow to cover a marble sculpture in the Cadbury Research Library so that construction work could be undertaken nearby, and I visited the Lapworth Museum of Geology and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

In the afternoon I attended a lecture as part of a course run by the department called ‘Making Cultures and New Ways of Reading Things’. I then assisted Clare Marlow to clean some Zeigler wax anatomical models of genitals that will be photographed later in the week.This was an interesting project for me, as I had previously worked on a plaster Zeigler anatomical model as part of my degree at the University of Melbourne. Later we all had afternoon tea and discussed the rest of my schedule for my placement. I’m very excited about all the new skills I will develop whilst here!


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